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Martine M. Mayas is a Womb Confident Specialist, Vision Board Intuitive and Uterine Fibroid Survivor whose mission is to help women appreciate and pamper their womb in order to manifest positive energy and health from the inside out in order to prepare them for their future, family and abundance.

Martine discovered at the age of 19 she had fibroid tumors that put such a strain on her life where she was operating on a blood count level of 5 with every possible side effect you can think of due to these fibroids. She was told time and time again by various doctors that a hysterectomy was the only way out. Martine knew in her heart that was not the answer and as she got older, she realized that her search for the right doctor was not over, until she met a doctor who changed her entire life. After months of getting her health on track and taking proper care of her heart, mind, body and soul, Martine was able to have the fibroids that made her life difficult, removed and has went on to live an amazing healthy life.

Her journey has compelled her to share her story in her Award Winning book “Faces of Uterine Fibroids” which highlights her story as well as stories by her fellow co-authors on their quest to reach other women who are having similar struggles to give them help and hope for a better future.

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