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A collective of published books Martine has been a part  as a platform to tell her life stories in order to reach the masses of women with much love and empowerment. 

Faces of Uterine Fibroids

This is an anthology for women by women sharing untold stories and biggest secrets about their fibroid tumor journey. As a Fibroid Warrior and Survivor for 21 years, Martine M. Mayas has devoted her time to consulting, advising and supporting women with uterine fibroids. Martine has created a platform for them to tell and share their experiences with the world through inspirational, motivational and transformational avenues.


​Pain 2 Passion is a very powerful movement of women warriors who decided to put their stories in this compilation. Co-Compiled by Nakisa King and DeAnna Bookert, Pain 2 Passion is truly one of those books you want to have with you always. Stories from women who have never spoken before about abuse, abandonment and shame. Compilations allow for stories to come forth in a group and #p2p was birthed from the agreement of several women to take part in a very special movement.

Live in Gratitude Daily

​Live In Gratitude Daily. Why GRATITUDE? Why not healthy eating or exercise as daily habits? Gratitude is the foundation for achieving, creating, receiving and living the way a person wants. It is our mindset which determines our success; it is our mindset which determines “do we go for it”; it is our mindset which creates and receives abundance, joy and love. The time is now, this 365-day journal will empower you to “Live In Gratitude Daily”. Join others around the world on this journey, decide now to move forward, a few minutes a day to change your life. You are worth it, your family is worth it. Gratitude is the KEY to abundance joy and love. Denise Joy Thompson is the compiler/author with over 100 co-authors.

D.I.V.A.S: How 12 Successful Women turned their MESSage into a Movement and now share their recipe for success.

These 12 authors tell their real life, raw and beautiful stories of pain, heartache and rock bottoms. Each story lovingly tells a tale of how they overcame their own unique struggles and situations, to transform themselves in powerful ways into the amazingly empowered women they are today. These D.I.V.A.S. stories have remained untold until NOW!

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